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“All artists are willing to suffer for their art. So few are willing to learn to draw.”
                              – British comedian, Simon Munnery

Drawn Aboard image

Here’s my floating art studio. She’s called “Drawn Aboard” and she’s a made-in-Canada, Dutch-style river boat. Her overall length is 33 feet and her beam (that means width) is a full 13 feet. I spend time on her every day. It’s heaven.

+ high-res version


This is my favourite place to be. Here I am at my desk – at the helm of the boat.

This vessel was designed and hand-crafted by a fellow in the Belleville/Kingston area about thirty years ago… and the dude had excellent wood-working skills. Lots of built-ins and wood details. Check out the bent wood ceiling… it’s oak.

Although I don’t live on this boat, I could. It has a fully functioning kitchen and a washroom (we say “head”) that even has a small bathtub in it.

+ high-res version


…and here’s the stern of the studio boat. I like to sketch people here in the summertime. The table in front of me actually has the engine (6 cyl. Hino deisel) tucked discreetly underneath it.

My lovely model, Katie, has agreed to sit for me for the price of a glass of wine. Thank you, Katie!

…and that heavenly shaft of light is not a trick of the camera… or Photoshop… it just happened naturally.

Photos by Alex Sockett.

+ high-res version

Pen'sChairFrontHere’s a couple of Personalized Muskoka Chairs that I did for my hubby and myself. (Unretouched photos)

They’re covered with images and symbols that have meaning for us…highly varnished for protection…many hours of work!